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Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth by James Altucher Best nuggets and book summary

James is one of the authors you either love or hate. His methods are controversial but methodical and so is his writing.

He has some specific views on college education, house ownership and especially working which don’t resonate with a lot of people. This is to say in a nice way that many people are against his disruptive views on these subjects.

The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth builds on previous Altucher-Ian works as ‘Choose Yourself’ and ‘Become an Idea Machine’ written by James’s wife Claudia and creates the full guide to a wealthy and abundant life.


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"Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth Summary"

Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth is split into 3 parts:

  1. Part 1: New game, new rules
  2. Part 2: Making Money in the Twenty-First Century
  3. Part 3: Keep and Grow the Money You Make

James gives us his 18 new rules of abundance that will bring you full circle starting by understanding the importance of entrepreneurship and the fact that the middle class is dead up until creating and then selling your company.

He is helping you build a good foundation on his 4 pillars that represent The Daily Practice - to be physically, emotionally, mentally (the idea muscle), and spiritually healthy and also shows you The Real Rules of Leadership (give more to others than you expect back for yourself).

You will get specific tools - like how to sell anything and how to convince anyone anything in 60 seconds, negotiating or being a great public speaker, as well as new mental models that will empower you to reach your themes - because James does not believe in goals or to do lists.

He lives his life in themes. And in Eminem. You will even see how you can get an MBA from Eminem!

Today’s digital age provides us with a new pair of choices: you can choose from becoming a temp staffer (not the worst-case scenario) or revealing more of your artistic side”. The Author of “Choose Yourself” also talks about the downside of entrepreneurship – the fear of failure or rejection.

Whatever you do or plan to accomplish, you must set the basis within you.

For the same reason, you must choose yourself. Sometimes our “friendly” mind lures us to blame others for emotional or financial collapses. However, to move beyond that breaking point – an establishment of a strong foundation is needed.

This basis should include strong emotional fulfillment, spiritual knowledge, and physical health.

So, what do you do, when you find yourself in an awkward situation? – Don’t be stubborn, and yet stand your ground! Don’t quit every time things get a little “bumpy.” Trust your intuition, believe in your protentional;

Think of it this way: This world is one big competition, everyone fights for its interests and benefits, the same process expects you. James Altucher advises you to practice gratefulness. If you’ve never done it, he will give you a few tips. When you lay down, and your mind starts going crazy – transform it! Focus on the good stuff.

We also get a peek into the trends James is discovering and following. He tells us about the 7 trends worth following and investing in over the next period and how we should do it. They are:

  1. Biotech
  2. Healthcare
  3. Observation
  4. The Temp Workforce
  5. Robotics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Financial Technology

James is not afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants and so he presents some powerful concepts such as Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, The 3 Ps (People, Product, Process) model of Marcus Lemonis or Tim Ferriss’s Four-hour workweek.

As I said at the beginning, James is likes to take controversial stands such as not going to college because it is a scam and a bad return on your time and money, not owning a house because it’s a bad investment or - and this might be one of the most shocking ones - stop paying your debts.

All in all, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth is an impressive collection on different topics related to wealth that I highly recommend, not only because of the information it provides but also because of James’s entertaining and honest writing style.

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